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Let’s have a pointless chat|Introduction

Hi! I’ve recently moved back to wordpress and starting my blog experience back from scratch!

Welcome to my blog it’s great to e-meet you 🙂


A little about my purpose on here (Ironically I don’t have one)

Inconsistency is one of my biggest flaws, that and a really bad memory.

I needed a simple platform to share creative and academic writing. So this blog is just for leisure, to brush up on my writing skills and also it’s also a healthy expressive outlet.

There’s really no set categories of what I want to explore and share, so I’m keeping an open mind. I’m a literature student, so there will be quite a bit of book reviews or poetry also. I love to craft and plan as well as obsess and worry about everything 🙂 Ahh yes anxiety is my best friend and worst enemy. I tend to ramble a lot. A lot.
I honestly feel stuck in a perpetual sequel of disastrous events, hence the name of this blog: My Millennial Dilemma (I formerly ran the blog MyMillennialLifeCrisis.blogspot.com but I needed a change,plus having people I know read it made me not feel to be as open and expressive).
(Sidenote, I was so sad the username mymillenniallifecrisis was taken on here)
Bearing the burden of being born in “Generation Y” where all of life’s problem revolves around the new Instagram icon and following the cycle of becoming a “Boomerang Kid” I’m trying to forge my own path ever so slowly.
That doesn’t always work out though, and I find myself in the usual drama facing my peers of boys,  bad friendships, rumours, subtweets, blocking, fake profiles etc. Sigh. Not forgetting, the inescapable need for material things, latest tech, new clothes, constant need to go out and party. Followed by almost certain regret of how basic life can get. Do you sense the self loathing.
Hopefully a little place in the internet like this can help me from being consumed.
Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow/subscribe or don’t just comment, let’s chat!

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