A poem for my Grandma|Get well soon

So I’ve been an emotional wreck these past few weeks. My grandmother isn’t doing so well, she’s currently at the hospital being treated for a myriad of illnesses. I went to see her today and it took everything I had to not cry. The thing is my grandmother basically raised me and my brother. My mother is a single parent so when she was off to work my grandmother was always there for us. Like a pillar of stability, she always made sure we were well kept, well fed and happy. I remember in my early secondary school days when I had projects to do and if I ran out of pens or pencils she’d walk to the shop for me before I even asked and get me new ones. I remember how she’d make me sit before school and comb my hair everyday for primary school and tie the biggest brightest red ribbons. 

I believe in the law of attraction. I believe that God, will help my grandmother and she will come home soon. Positive thinking, even though it feels discouraging is what I’m thriving on. I felt terribly sad and nostalgic hence this poem was concocted. Enjoy…




Long pleated skirt, blouse tucked in

Tending the garden, Ma.

Under the hot sun toiling;

Pot on the stove boiling


Clothes rinsed and already spinning,

Hair greying and thinning

With eyes that’s seen two generations over but 

Are still shining.

Hands firm and skin hard from years of work on the farm,

With a fading delicate tattoo on the edge of your palm.

Waking me up early after my mother leaves,

Walking me to catch the bus to school;

Lunch packed, with my treats chilled and cool, Ma.

Waving goodbye when I leave, waving hello when I’m back home;

Lying in your hammock under the breeze, un-knotting my hair with your big tooth comb.

You were someone to confide in,

Even though at times I got your chiding.

At night we’d sit and talk, you’d tell me of stories from your earlier days

Sometimes I regret I didn’t listen more to what you had to say.

Seeing you now tender and weak,

My heart aches as I bow to your feet where your toes are curled,

Thanking God for the blessing that my grandma, is a mother and more to me in this world.


***If your grandparents are with you and alive, give them an extra hug today***





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