A little h🍯ney for the soul…

So today I was ready to continue my journey on this blog. I had an entire well thought out post in mind about decluttering a stressful life but that’s for later.

I want this blog to be a true representation of myself even in its anonimity. I think that sometimes the only time you can be your truest self is when no one knows who you are.  Even though we tend to only portray the polished versions to the world a little smudge here and there is normal, not so?

Recently or should I say the last couple of months I’ve been going through a lot in my life and I felt as though I’ve been letting people down but mostly I’ve been letting myself down. I started this year thinking this will be my year and my chance for the happy ending like everyone else. I had some personal goals I set out to achieve, I accomplished it yet I still felt as though I could never be as happy. After the last few weeks I can say that I don’t feel as though I have anyone in my corner. I’ve always wanted a person I can talk to where I don’t feel like such a burden, but everyone has their own lives. The friends I do have…tbh I’m not so sure if I have real friendships anymore, I still love and care for them but there’s so much about me they don’t know.  Some people might say I’m easy to read because I’m transparant with what I want them to see. I’m not trying to sound like I’m profound and special because I’m not but how can I be easy to read when I can’t even figure myself out.

Image result for honey for the soul tumblr

So I thought I’d introduce a new section of my blog called #SoulHoney.


Where I can post a little more positivity to uplift myself or anyone who reads this because it’s a start. So much people are only focused on their physical health which is very important but sometimes your soul needs some nourishment too. I mean come on they have a whole series about feeding your soul a little chicken soup.

Anyways today I was feeling very down until I came across some cute pick me ups

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